Water Filtration

Filtered Water At Your FIngertips

Clean, Fresh Drinking Water On Tap

Filtered Water Water filtration can be utilized to remove contaminants, sediment, odours, and taste – leaving fresh tasting water. There are a few different ranges of water filtration that can be used for residential water filtration. The most common types of filtration are sediment filters to remove small particulates and carbon filters that are utilized to remove chlorine and polish your water.





Single or dual stage filtration system with 5 micron PP sediment filter and 0.5 micron CBC carbon filter. Reduces sediment, color, odor & taste. Zero waste water and no tank required.


Triple Stage ultrafiltration system. Zero waste water, no tank required and filters to .01 micons. Removes cycts, bacteria and viruses, reduces sediment, color, odor & taste.