Water Coolers

Bottled & Point Of Use Water Coolers

Bottled & Bottleless Water Coolers Water coolers for home or office, enjoy great tasting bottled water from one of our premium water coolers. Our water coolers provide instant hot and cold water to quench your thirst, to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even soup. Together with our bottled water service, enjoy pure, clean water that only Water Pure & Simple can deliver.


Bottled Water Coolers

With a bottled water cooler your always have refreshing and delicious pure water on hand. Our bottled water coolers dispense chilled, room temperature or hot water. No more over-full fridges of single use bottles.

All our water coolers can be rented or purchased with customized water delivery. Our friendly staff are ready to place, maintain and provide for personalised water delivery.

Point-of-Use Water Coolers

Point-of-Use water coolers are a great choice for offices, factories, homes, medical centers, customer reception areas, beauty salons, and retail outlets. Point-of-Use water coolers use filtered or purified water, produced by a separate water filtration or reverse osmosis system that must be plumbed and installed.