Bottled Water Delivery

No More Lugging Heavy Bottles From The Store

It’s all about pure, clean water, delivered to your home or office. And, since Water Pure & Simple bottles are refillable and recyclable, it’s an environmentally-friendly choice!


Punctual water delivery across Southern Alberta, completely customised

Bottled Water Delivery Our scheduled water deliveries are routed and optimized with the utmost care, completely customized to the needs of the customer. Thanks to our strategically located depots and fleet of delivery vehicles, we offer you fast and punctual service.

Every time a delivery is made the empties are collected and fresh bottles are left for you. Our delivery driver has everything required with him for your delivery, if you require any accessories: cups, cooler cleaning kits, bottle rack, etc. let your driver know and we can arrange that for your next delivery.

We offer 3 types of water: Reverse Osmosis Water, Mineralized Water and Distilled Water. Choose from 18L, 11L and now our new BPA FREE one-way 15L bottles!

You determine the number of bottles for each delivery

The number of bottles is determined individually for each customer and varies from two bottles to multiple truck loads per delivery.

Our minimum purchase is 2 bottles per delivery but we recommend 4 bottles per delivery. From both an ecological and economic perspective, it is certainly not beneficial to deliver one bottle alone. By stocking up sufficiently you keep both the price and the environmental impact down.

Think ahead – that’s the message! We adjust our deliveries pro-actively to consumption, by taking into account the known peak periods, leave and weather forecasts. In the middle of a heat wave, for example, we can double the amount of water delivered.

You determine the frequency of deliveries

Water delivery is completely customized and suited to meet your needs. We supply most customers with fresh stock every 2 weeks, but everything is possible: from twice a year up to on a weekly basis in the urban areas. We will advise you with respect to the best delivery frequency and the quantity.

You determine where the bottles are placed

The bottles are placed where you want them to be. For businesses, in a bottle rack next to each water cooler or at a central location, for homes, at the front door, in the garage, or even on your back door: wherever you want!

Additional orders

It’s our job to ensure the customer is never without water. That is why we customise the quantity and frequency of deliveries. The goal is that you always still have a few bottles in stock when the new delivery arrives.

Additional deliveries outside of the delivery frequency provided for are more difficult to schedule. So ensure you have enough water in stock, in accordance with our recommended quantities. Our water can be stored for up to one year so you need never be afraid of stocking up too much.

We plan the water deliveries with care and try to avoid interim deliveries. But should you unexpectedly find yourself putting your last bottle on the water cooler, then give us a call. All our vehicles are equipped with an advanced tracking system so we can quickly dispatch the closest vehicle. We will deliver fresh bottles of water ASAP if you run out early. That’s guaranteed!

For events and corporate functions we can make a special arrangement. Of course we will deliver extra water, but we can also deliver additional water coolers. If you inform us 2 weeks in advance, we can plan everything in good time.