Softener Salt Delivery

Softener Salt Delivery To Your Door

Water Softener Salt Delivery Why spend all the time and energy involved in lugging heavy bags of softener salt to your home or business when we offer the convenience of delivery?

Windsor System Saver Pellets Windsor System Saver® Pellets are specially formulated to consistently out perform other water softening salts in all water softeners. System Saver® Pellets enable your water softener to remove almost twice as much dirt and impurities and up to 5% more minerals from your water than plain salt pellets. And that can mean a big difference in the quality of your water. The filter pads shown illustrate the performance of System Saver® Pellets compared to other salt pellets

Hard water contains traces of dirt, iron and other minerals that can build up in the resin and valves of your water softener. That can lead to expensive repairs. But Windsor System Saver® Pellets are specially formulated to clean out those traces of dirt and minerals and to help keep your softener clean longer than all other salt pellets. System Saver® Pellets are formulated with salt that is guaranteed 99.6% pure and contains virtually no insolubles that need to be cleaned from your brine tank. For these reasons, Windsor backs System Saver® Pellets with a total satisfaction guarantee.

Windsor System Saver® Pellets come in a handy 20kg. bag that’s easy to lift, carry, open and pour. The patented corner pull-tab opens just wide enough to allow salt to pour out easily, yet enables you to regulate the flow. And the sturdy handle makes it easy to carry.

We deliver water softener salt to all areas we deliver bottled water to. View our delivery locations here.